Inclusive Programming

At Blackbird Arts, we believe we all have creative gifts to share.  We celebrate the diversity of our friends by affirming the diversity of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and economic status.  Inclusive arts is a philosophy, rather than a specific program.  We strive to treat children and adults as individuals rather than with a label and believe that by building inclusive programs and exploring the needs of each person, we all benefit artistically. 


In 2011-2013, through a generous grant from the Michigan Disbailities Rights Coaltion, Blackbird Arts was able to offer:

  • Full and partial scholarships in ANY class for children and adults with developmental disabilities. 

  • Assistance with accessible transportation to and from the studio. 

  • Fieldtrip assistance for outreach to self-contained classrooms with children with special needs. 


Although we are at the end of our grant, we have continued to work with organizations and individuals to provide assistance. If you are interested in supporting and growing our inclusive programs, please contact 


Blackbird Arts   |   1485 Barlow Street Traverse City, MI   |   (231)421-8085    |    Drop us a note at