Youth (6-12 yr) Summer





Sculpture! (two spaces left)       

9:30AM-1PM (M-TH)          July 31-Aug 3                                                                                                                                      Ages 6-12  $140 

 From giant papier mache animals to junk metal robots, sculpture is an exciting exploration of all things three dimensional. We’ll dive in and learn how to create sculptures large and small using wire, metal, paper, clay and more. We’ll even create a  mobile to hang in our favorite spaces. Includes all materials and kiln firings.

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Architecture UP HIGH        

9:30amAM-1PM (M-TH)              August 7-10                                                                                                                                       Ages 6-12  $140       

Do you long to live between the branches and leaves? In this unique architecture camp, we’ll design and build a model fantasy treehouse that will get fired in the kiln. We’ll learn to use saws, nails, hammers and other tools to build a real bird or bat house, taking inspiration from famous building and architects. Learn to draw in perspective and create scaled drawings.

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Cartooning to Comics               

9:30AM-1PM (M-TH)                August 14-17                                                                                                                                     Ages 6-12  $140 

Explore comics from around the world and develop your own characters and ideas. Learn ways to draw them for big impact and create comic trading cards, matchbox comics using pen and ink, illustration markers and more. Create a 3-D character out of clay to go along with your comics. Includes all materials and kiln firings.

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Clay Camp: Fur, Fins, and Feathers  

9:30AM-1PM (M-TH)      August 21-24

Ages 6-12  $160 week (includes all materials AND KILN FIRINGS)

We’re focused on all things animal this week! Create a dish for your special pet, design an imaginary creature that combines two animals, build a clay jar to hold a pet’s favorite treats (or yours!). Learn your way around a slab roller, an extruder, a pug mill and more…all in the ceramic studio. Work with a professional potter and clay artist to build a different project each day. Includes all materials and kiln firings. 

Optional add-on: Pottery Wheel Wednesday: 1:30-3:30pm.

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Spiff Up Your Spokes              

9:30AM-1PM (M-TH)       June 19-22

Ages 6-12  $140

It’s bring your bike to Blackbird week! If you love riding your bike and cruising the trails in summer…this week is for you. Learn to screenprint and create a one of a kind bike t-shirt, design bike chain accessories in the metals studio, and build a messenger bag to carry your gear. Each day we’ll have a bike rodeo and cycling games. On Thursday, our favorite cycling pals, Norte! are going to join us with their campers for collaborative art making and will teach us a thing or two about bike repair and safety. Bike mas!


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Earth, Wind and Fire (clay and metals)     CLASS IS FULL          

9:30am-1pm (M-TH)           June 26-29

Ages 6-12  $160 

We combine two of our favorite art forms this week! Learn sawing, piercing, surface embellishments, and filing and discover new ways to attach metal.  Use a kiln and a torch to fuse glass to metal (enameling) with metalsmith Elara Coleman. Create clay and metal art that moves with the wind. Includes all materials and kiln firings.

Optional add-on: Pottery Wheel Wednesday: 1:30-3:30pm.

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Clay Camp: Fantastically Functional   

July 3, 9:30AM-1PM               


Ages 6-12, $45/day includes all materials and kiln firings.

It's a great week to bring a friend to camp for these special workshops during July 4th week! It’s clay all day and we’re making stuff we can use! Crank a slab roller, ooze clay through a pug mill and use an extruder to make cool hollow forms. See how a real clay studio operates! Work with a professional potter and clay artist to build different projects each day. Includes all materials and kiln firings. 

Monday Projects: Wacky Milk Mugs and Cookie Plates

Wednesday Projects: S'more Roasters and Serving Trays




Eureka! Science and Art              

9:30AM-1PM (M-TH)             July 10-13                                                                                                                                            Ages 6-12  $140 

Built a catapult to launch paint onto canvas, paint with a giant pendulum, create clay sculptures that conduct electricity and design a real kaleidoscope. Discover what Romansch broccoli, fractals and Jackson Pollock have in common. We’ll even create a few art concoctions for you to take home.

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Film camp: Claymation animation                

9am-1pm (M, TU, W)           July 24-26

Ages 10-16;  $160

Bring your clay creations to life and see them on the big screen during the 2017 Traverse City Film Festival! Learn stop-motion animation and use a camera to shoot your claymation clip. We’ll design a story board and characters sculpted in clay. The combined sequences will be screened Saturday morning as part of the TCFF Children’s Festival (location TBD).

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All Summer students have the opportunity to participate in our Summer Showcase Exhibition, Thursday August 24!




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