About Studio Sprouts

Studio Sprouts


Our newest early childhood arts program, Studio Sprouts, is specially designed for curious three to six year olds. In a professional studio environment, children explore a variety of materials, art processes and tools where each activity facilitates fine motor skill development, problem solving, and creative growth. Teaching artists introduce age appropriate levels of visual arts concepts and skills in a fun and engaging environment. 

At Blackbird Arts, we integrate topics about the natural world into visual arts, music, books, and movement so children begin to develop their unique visual language. All classes are hands-on, process-driven and support the brain connections that happen with quality early childhood arts education. 

We keep our class size small (max of eight students) so children have lots of one-on-one time with the teaching artists and have the chance to develop social skills with their peers. If you'd like to tour our studio and visit the early childhood arts space, please email melissa@blackbirdartstc.org or call (231) 421-8085. 


Explore Studio Sprouts Summer Programs for 3-6 years.






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